Christmas Break

Hey, everyone!

Sorry I haven’t been around lately; I just wanted to let everyone know that I’m going on Christmas Break.  I should be back around the second week of January.  Stay updated!

— Allison

Update: Formal Prom Dress – Black Satin and Sparkles Dress

Here’s the semi-finished product of a project I’ve been working on for some time now.

This is the link to the original post on this dress:

I’m not going to finish it completely until some time around May of 2015, because that’s when I’ll probably be wearing it and I want to make sure it fits right.  But I promised to keep you all updated, so here are a few pictures of how it’s gone!








IMG_3983  IMG_3985

Thanks to everyone who’s been following this project! I’ll put up pictures of the final thing when it’s finished.

— Alli

Ladies: Christmas Giveaway!

Hey, everyone!

So, I took a break over the weekend of Thanksgiving, and it stretched a bit longer than I meant it to.  I’ve been swamped! But I’m getting back underway and I should have some more updates to post in a day or two.  So sorry for leaving you all hanging!

On a different note, be sure to watch for my upcoming Christmas Giveaway!! This will be happening in about two weeks, with a name being drawn from my female subscribers for a chance to win this pair of elven ear cuffs!


To the guys out there, I’m sorry I don’t have anything for you this year; I haven’t got this business up and running enough that I have anything to give to you.  But I’ll try my best to find something for you soon!

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UPDATE: The Red Crusaders – Silver Foam Armor (Women’s Breastplate)

Here’s a picture of the semi-finished armor! 😀 😀

This is the link to the previous post:

It’s not quite finished, but the front was done and I just had to show you all.  It was so much fun to make, and turned out well for a first try!

(Both pictures are the same piece of armor; there was just different lighting in the two pictures.)

10313198_290386791161753_2756641984407865780_n-001 IMG_3834Hope you all like it! 😀 I’ll update a final post when I have it completely finished, and then I’ll give a price.

— Allison


Formal Prom Dress – Black Satin and Sparkles Dress

So here’s a new project that I’ve got underway; making a knee-length formal dress.  It’s black.  It has an illusion top, a corset-style bodice with boning, and a short skirt, flared with tulle.

As always, here is the sketch I drew that I’m basing the project off of:





I may add black gemstones to the bodice, but we’ll see.  I’ll post more when it’s finished! Be sure to stay updated!

— Allison

UPDATE: Victorian Bolero – Red and Black Satin Bolero Shrug

So, as promised, here is the finished Victorian Bolero! I posted the idea on Firefly Closet a few days ago (here’s the link, if anyone missed it: ) and I recently finished it.  There are a few mistakes, but for a first-try, it turned out very well.

$35.00 – price does not include the cost of shipping.

Here are some pictures.

Note: The black shirt I’m wearing beneath is not part of the actual bolero.

Here’s the front view; the bow is real.


Here’s the side view…


And the back view…


And a close up of the sleeve cuff.  The buttons are fake, and the cuff hooks with two pairs of hook-and-eyes.


And here are the original plans:

Front –


Back –


This project was so much fun! I hope to start another one soon; I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated with new developments!

New Project: The Red Crusaders – Silver foam armor (women’s breastplate)

Here’s a new project I’ve undertaken: making cosplay armor out of foam. It’s comfortable, light-weight, easy to wear, and it looks pretty realistic!

This time around, I’m making a woman’s breastplate.

Here are some of the supplies I used:


 And here is the rough draft:


I’ll update everyone on this project as soon as I get the chance! Stay posted!

— Allison

New Project: Victorian Bolero – Red and Black Satin Bolero Shrug

Here’s a pending design I’m going to start working on soon.  I’m going to make it from scrap fabric that I had lying around; we’ll see if I have enough to finish it!

Note: I’m not following a pattern.

Here’s the sketched idea I’ll be following –




IMG_3637Here’s the supplies I’ll be using, minus a few things:


And finally, this is the pattern that inspired this jacket:


I’ll keep everyone updated as the bolero progresses! I’ll be posting pictures as it goes along; be sure to follow it!

— Allison

Blue Fire – Blue and Silver Ear Cuffs

These stunning cuffs are both simple and beautiful, easy to wear and eye-catching.  The beads are an amazing shade of blue.

The cuff sits over your ear, secured by a wire that tucks under your ear lobe.  It can be pinched tighter or looser, depending on the size of your ear.

Note: Be careful not to bend the wire too much; it is wire, and it can break.

$25.00 – two cuffs included.  Price does not include shipping.




Support – Dreaming Hobbit

Hey, everyone! I wanted to give a shout-out to my sister, Emily Tjaden, who’s been helping me with my website.  She’s a writer, and she has recently started her own website, “Dreaming Hobbit”, with tips and comments on writing.

Here’s the link.  If you have time and you’re interested in writing, would you check out her page and show her support? I’d suggest subscribing for more information!

— Allison